In Residence

mr bumble



January 1st, 2021


I appear to be in a lost gaze when the fact is I am in a giddy daze. In spite of the noise—feline meows and purrs attempting to impress her—my eavesdropping is picking up almost every floating word, making me feel there’s a sweet chance of my life changing—from boring to blissful, and of me wrapping her around my fluffy paws.

This morning started like any other day—I perched by the window, watching the professional window washers and the noisy sparrows (who are in parts annoying and entertaining). And just as swiftly as a figure passed by me, it rapidly reappeared in reverse. She paused to my side, surveying the nondescript window, murmuring, frequently throwing a glance at me, On peering close to my face, and on catching my whiskers twitch, she burst into peals of laughter, “Oh munchkin, you are for real! And I thought you are a doll!”



The attention made me awkward; I turned my head about, shooting blanks, while she continued: “Look at those whiskers! You are a dreamboat, aren’t you?” Since no passerby had given me a second look, I was confused—was she gushing about the dapper bow or the delightful dawn (which she kept mentioning). Nevertheless, I was enjoying all the attention; for the first time in my life, I felt visible and wanted.



“Mr Bumble,” she read aloud, as my cat tag came to view, “now that’s a handsome name for a tabby.” I could tell her curiosity was building; she moved towards the door, scanning the notice. And in the manner she had arrived like a breeze, she left like one, blowing me kisses till she turned the corner. Her spontaneous love had turned me into one bashful ball of mush. I secretly hoped she would return—I can comfortably accommodate adulation.

She arrived promptly at the store opening and was greeted by the caring owner, who eagerly shared information about my feline friends and me. The more she learnt about us, the more generous she was with her support. She kept nodding in agreement through the conversation, and accepted the forms, delightfully announcing: “I am adopting him.”