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acorn to oak: my open letter to President Barack Obama


January 1st, 2021


“Strong convictions precede great actions.”
James Freeman Clarke, American theologian and author


January 1st, 2021

Via official communication


President Barack Obama

44th President of the United States of America

Washington, D.C.


Dear President Barack Obama,

The appeal in reaching out to you rests in the fact that you are an amalgamation of richness—a man who believes in himself, the husband of First Lady Michele Obama and the father of Malia and Sasha. You had the vision to become the first African-American President of the United States of America and made that presidency tangible. It is when you are this uniquely different that you recognise deserving others. For instance, you appointed Judge Sonia Sotomayor for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, whose personal history adds to her uniqueness.


We cannot erase the histories we inherit—
they shape, fuel and give us purpose.


I am fully aware that I do not have a formidable collection of schools to offer as bragging rights, neither do I have the training of an Ivy League professor who teaches ethics nor the vocabulary of an award-winning journalist who can craft immaculate editorial pieces on integrity and conscience. Instead, I am integrity, conscience and ethics. Unfortunately, these fine qualities warrant frightful punishments. The late American journalist Ernest Hemingway captured my reality perfectly: “The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.”


Mr President, wounded, I am; destroyed I am not. 
Fact is having taken a page from the late American President Abraham Lincoln’s book, 

I am just beginning with my sharpened oak.



In publishing this open letter, my aim is four-fold:

First, we have to see a healthy reference to believe it. Young African American children see themselves in the First Lady Michelle Obama and you, Mr President. With my open letter, I want children with integrity and honesty to see themselves in me and celebrate their unique gifts.  Equally important, I want scapegoat children from the world over to recognise their truth in my truth, and then work towards reclaiming their honour, their birthright and their lives. I want children to take pride in employing their armour of conviction and courage, to fight injustice and inequality, and to fortify connections with elements that spell positivity and nourishment.

Second, I want to propose a revolutionary academy for children who place integrity, moral courage and humanity at the forefront of their lives.

Third, I urge you to invest the appropriate resources to establish an independent state-of-the-art, specialised facility dedicated to researching the 360-degree components of highly organised perpetrators. The research findings must lead to an exceptional invention that is made mandatory, from hospitals to airports. Equally important, I want laws to be passed and enacted to criminalise deviously designed threats by perpetrators.

Fourth, I want my open letter to serve as a rebuke to the morally corrupt who participated in smear campaigns and exploited my emotional vulnerability and physical frailty to violate my dignity. By naming and shaming a repeat offender named Adnan Currimbhoy—who gesticulated and verbally sexually assaulted me (and ridiculed Shree Hanuman)—I want to make it clear that I have a zero-tolerance for men (and women) who violate my dignity. I do not carry the burden of anyone’s shame, nor is my silence negotiable. I speak for my daughters, sisters and mothers from the world over who have been, are and will be set on fire, gang-raped, acid attacked, beaten, stripped and paraded, sold, trafficked, isolated, ostracised and devalued and destroyed in every inconceivable manner. I also take this moment to chastise the good guys—excuse-making, truth denying and concern feigning—who exist as acrid, shrivelled up corpses.



Mr President, I must remain committed to my intention and express my voice, unfiltered. Please allow me to take a step backwards before placing it forward. I request your patience in reading my lengthy letter.

The American dream, like films (or marriage1), is not something I courted. First, I had no concept of the American dream, similar to, to date, not comprehending celebrity fanfare.  Second, from childhood, I was provided for adequately and afforded exposure (Courtesy: Indian Army). Besides, my teachers encouraged me consistently, and my homeland supported me well. I had no reason to seek a different destination.

I had simple dreams. However, my dreams were systematically set on fire. In addition to—from childhood—living with constant devaluing and sabotage at the hands of my malignant perpetrators, I also had to come to terms with the repeated derailing (for standing in my authority) of my film career at the hands of power denied, depraved actor-heroes. Collective wickedness in my personal life combined with cruelty and character assassination in my professional life became vital catalysts in catapulting me across continents and into further deceit and trauma.

I arrived in America with openness. However, for questioning my so-called husband, the director/ CEO of Zenith Birla Inc.—on financial irregularities; his boastfulness of selling damaged steel pipes to the United States; his sexual dysfunction and sexual orientation, as well as demanding the return of an illegally occupied house by his family in Mumbai, India—he along with his sister’s and brother’s-in-law, and with the help of my family as well as a physician friend engaged in vile smear campaigns, flawless plotting and grave cruelty, making me country-suspended and isolated, thrusting me into an unceasing nightmare.

Mr President, they say it takes a village to raise a child; however, it took villages to destroy me to rise high. The best part of the ordeal is that I have (more than) survived, with my dignity intact. And where I value my foundation cemented in India, I have come to esteem the American soil and climate, which has afforded me, similar to grapes, the required conditions, to develop my unique terroir.  Adversity, I read (and have come to know), is man’s unrivalled teacher; I also know that the distant land is my university.


Adversity also taught me that life picks individuals possessing strength and capacity,
and the synchronicity of the universe knows how and when to move things,
steering the trajectory of simple dreams to pathways of one’s destiny.



“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein, German-born theoretical physicist


Rooted in reality, I see American responsibility; I see America as the land of invention and innovation.

I came across the words: “A building can only be as good its architectural integrity,” which made me think about today’s society that is damaged at a structural level, only accommodating economics, ego and apathy, leaving no room for integrity and vulnerability. To re-erect a society with architectural integrity, we need to start at the foundation level, diligently locating and nurturing marshals of conscience and integrity who will become the architects of humanity.

I have come to term the child whose ingenious engineering is reinforced with moral uprightness as a CEP child; this child’s blueprint supports specific qualities and faculties, which manifest in distinct behaviours.


At the core of the CEP child is integrity;
it performs as a cornerstone for an immaculate symphony of integrated attributes.


To offer you this symphony in a visual and sensory perspective is to fuse the collective genius of German conductor Christoph Eschenbach and Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang. I am privileged to have been part of enthralled audiences, who at the end of Christoph Eschenbach and Lang Lang’s concerts applauded their unthinkable symphonies. I desire similar applause for children with valuable qualities.

Being the best children is not enough. Gifted children require proficient guidance who otherwise, thanks to their nature, will be overlooked or crushed. A distinctive academy can identify the microscopic minority of the best children; study their intellectual, moral and aesthetic development and provide the appropriate platforms and tools to maintain their structural integrity while preparing gifted children to undertake vital journeys in different fields.

By guiding CEP children, within a supportive framework that stresses on comprehensive development, children can catalyse their overall growth from an early age while enhancing their inherent value. With specific intrinsic qualities, such children can break new frontiers and introduce the world to a whole new way of thinking. And the growing visibility of the best people will become a source of strength for other best people to thrive.

Candidates applying to specific academies are required to meet eligibility criteria; similarly, identifying the best children will need a rigorous selection process and can be made possible with the help of empirical data. For instance, take conscientiousness and altruism; enough research data supports their construct to emerge in early childhood. The fact is a child is a complete seed embedded with distinct coding.

It should not come as a surprise that the Chinese select the right children at a young age and prepare them to be world-class athletes or that the Russians choose the right children at a young age and train them to be eminent ballerinas. The United States of America must pick their best while young and prepare them to serve in fields that call for integrity and honesty; moral courage and strength; empathy and intuition and risk-taking, complex thinking and problem-solving.


I believe dreams, like actions, must not have destinations—dreams must have intentions;
this said, specific dreams require the right soil to germinate; thus, I dream of such an academy to come into fruition
in the United States of America.


Mr President, my suggestion for an academy of this nature is not preposterous; it has to be made tangible. As German-born physicist Albert Einstein said: “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” You fostered an incisive and uncompromising vision and made it a reality with the help of the right investors. Without your principal investor, First Lady Michelle Obama, your dream could have very well remained a dream. Bold dreams call for anchors and investors who see themselves in the dream and see the worthiness of serving a broad picture called humanity. Similarly, this idea for an academy requires like-minded empathetic investors who value a society based on ethics and integrity and are fueled by conviction to serve shared humanity.

Precious seeds must be sown in fertile soil, allowed to rest in a dormant state (to form shape), and guarded by responsible gardeners for them to germinate in the right conditions. With the dream for the best children planted, I will let the universe, which knows best, to decide its course. Like my namesake—diamond, I unearthed my CEP child after decades of enduring intense heat and crushing oppression, confirming your words, Mr President: “Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.”


Patience is paramount.



“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
Wolfgang Von Goethe, German writer and statesman


To present my sentiments, I borrow phrases from First Lady Michele Obama and you, Mr President: I see the potential my story has given me, and I am good enough to have the audacity of hope, for a broader vision. Moreover, as your fellow Nobel laureate and environmental political activist, the late Wangari Maathai said: “The burden is on those who know. Those who don’t know are at peace. Those of us who know get disturbed and are forced to take action.”

The safety of voiceless infants, dependent children and vulnerable adults is non-negotiable. I am disturbed that countries invest significant money on weapons to fight wars when the truth is the pressing war zones are within our reach—within the four walls of our homes. We cannot bring back destroyed lives, but those of us who are guided by a conscience have the moral obligation to protect the most powerless who are the targets of evil. Inventions from electricity to aeroplanes have revolutionised history.  What prevents us from feeling compelled to transform the landscape for vulnerable children (and adults) and challenge ourselves to see beyond the obvious and established. We must be morally obliged to innovate and invent.

It takes numerous simultaneous working components to make a presidency function effectively. Similarly, multiple types of research—under various divisions—coming together under the same roof, to function as a whole—and not several independent pieces of research operating in isolation—will present the most beneficial value.


Children can’t change their circumstances, so we, Mr President, must crouch down to their level—
to understand their world from their tiny, powerless existence.


Exhaustive interdisciplinary research will synthesise existing study, acknowledge well-documented facts (associated with the internal workings of brain chemicals, hormones and neural pathways), identify predisposing factors and unsettle established assumptions, to gain insight into complex issues. The innovative study will make conspicuous the underlying origin of diseases, divulging specific pediatric distresses—precursors to specific adult diseases. It will also make evident distinct verbal and non-verbal communication, which serve as crystal clear early indicators of distress and danger, further confirming that a dismembered infant soul and dehumanised child will destroy innocent lives.

We must also give equal simultaneous focus to the fields of pediatric forensics, forensic toxicology, kinesics, sexology, somatoform disorders, criminology, suicidology, cybercrime and veterinary science (to study patterns leading to the suffering and unnatural death of animals by sadistic poisoning). Further, comprehensive research will analyse and interpret scientific data with new eyesobserve subtleties; deconstruct behaviour patterns—overt and covert; and decipher spoken language and sexual slander (as well as smear campaigns). Delving into each discipline and mercilessly linking, will decode uncontrollable mental processes—motives, strategies and triggers, as well as decrypt the significance of behaviours—from an insatiable appetite to demonise and isolate the scapegoat victim, create constant chaos and employ suicide as a weapon of destruction, all the while annihilating in plain sight, with the victim cloak.


Ultimately all roads lead to the source of unbridled deathly rage.


Reaching conclusions is not enough; we must apply [Goethe]. Our exceptional American3 scientists must feel compelled to address evil at its cellular root while bringing to fruition an invention that can profile the most ruthless organised perpetrators.

Here, I am compelled to underscore in bold the foremost disease—morally corrupt members of society enslaved to ignorance, apathy, greed and cowardice—whose birth fuels crimes against the most vulnerable. The Greek philosopher Socrates rightly identified: “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance”; Socrates spoke my truth. Moral failures are accomplices.



“There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above.”
Gautama Buddha, Philosopher and spiritual teacher


My survival to this point took a lifetime of conquering death. I was declared brain dead as a child; I fought back to life (This incident was not an accident, and neither were the ones prior nor those that followed.). For putting me into a brain-dead state, my sadistic perpetrator received hurrahs for the portrayal of an angel of mercy. Research accurately establishes that evil does not satiate with destroying one life—it destroys many in multiple ways, in subterfuge and in a manner that is extremely organised.

And what better high can embodiments of sinister ask for than to systematically destroy an isolated, ostracised scapegoat child, that too in full view of an enabling ignorant-corrupt society and with the support of medical professional insiders? Prolonged suffering (and even eventual death) of a helpless-silenced victim is indeed the ultimate high for highly organised sadists.


To know evil, the way I do makes me a threat.
Fact is from time immemorial, integrity, wisdom and courage have been considered threats.


Not all of us have the privilege of following a set path, but the very fact that our paths are unchartered speaks to destiny. My life experiences are so far removed from the majority of the population, making me realise that it is essential to travel parallel worlds to comprehend perilous labyrinths fully, thereby, unbeknownst, inheriting responsibility.



“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.”
George Washington, the first President of the United States


Mr President, my life is my credential, and I will consider it a privileged responsibility to give a diverse ensemble cast—from the most exceptional American transgenerational researchers to homicide detectives—unprecedented access into my life, including evidence.


And because, as Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracián elucidated: “Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit,”
I am willing to submit to a polygraph to establish my credibility and commitment, and welcome cross-questioning by the expert panel—
to retrieve memories that have submerged; to guide me with my limitations, and to help me clearly articulate my truth.


In addition to experience—where each detail is part of my life and not an abstraction and courage that has bloomed from fertile grounds of cruelty—true to CEP children, I have a rich, complex inner life—programmed with empathy, intuition and sensitivity—that enables me to see, similar to bees in a disparate colour spectrum from human beings and process information differently, an essential to solving invisible crimes. What I also know is that in rare situations, personal journeys can very well be watershed cases that hold the potential to fundamentally change the way we understand the fabric of invisible cruelty.

My American dream also encompasses sharing my life story—of surviving unfathomable cruelty, grief and loss—for it to be the gift that serves future generations, and is best summed up in the late Holocaust survivor, writer and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel’s eloquence: “Nothing good comes of forgetting; remember, so that my past doesn’t become your future.”



“We did not come here to fear the future. We came here to shape it.”
President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States


In the larger scale of things, it does not matter whether we have survived as a scapegoat slave at the hands of evil or we are descendants of slaves—ultimately what matters is how we merge our journeys, wrought with anguish and tribulations, to converge every ounce for the more substantial right—slave over issues that matter, adhering to integrity and exercising our voice, ultimately changing the trajectory of the future.

Mr President, since you believe in the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman (my foster parent), I share words I came across, words you might find inspirational, words that resonate with me: “Every time injustice on earth increases, Vishnu takes a rebirth. Ram is a reincarnation of Vishnu and was banished to exile by his stepmother Kaikeyi. After 15 years in exile, Ram returned as king. Keeping with this spirit, one must defeat the enemies and rise from the ashes.”  I can state, with a great sense of accomplishment and resolute commitment to a broader vision, paraphrasing the words of the late American writer and Nobel Prize laureate William Faulkner:


“She not only endured it; she prevailed over it.”


I end by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to the First Lady Michelle Obama and you, Mr President, for the dignity and vibrancy with which you lead. I remain forever grateful to the United States of America.

With fittingly-restored honour, long-awaited closure and well-deserved freedom,

Heera, The Ascending Acorn


“Conscience is the root of all true courage.”
James Freeman Clarke, American theologian and author






1  We must not mistake a wedding for marriage; also, what appears to be a marriage is not always a marriage.

2  My questions to the Director/ CEO of Zenith Birla Inc. were in alignment with my integrity and commitment to humanity. The universe is on my side, delivering non-stop Intercontinental karma (She has also generously embraced the cursed flooding-prone property from which the Director/ CEO of Zenith Birla Inc. plotted to and destroyed me.).

Academic qualification is only a qualifier that enables man to practice in a specific field—it does not equate to wisdom, complex thinking and independent action. The late First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt rightly said: “Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.”

Specific qualification, even when from prestigious colleges in the western world, only allows a man to substantiate his expertise with the number of (pharma sponsored) high-profile conferences he attends, the certificates he collects, the Rolodex of VIP’s she treats, the latest medicines he prescribes and the number of surgeries she performs. In the process of repeatedly cutting and pasting the same formula and moving with the same herd, an academically educated man becomes proficient at delivering limitedness (and at best scoffs at the truth, as they did and do mine). When so-called professionals exist with cognitive dissonance—justifying their corruption (that promotes poverty, violence and ill health) while practising the business of medicine, the mind becomes a fertile ground for emotional sickness—ego, greed, denial, apathy, deceit, hostility and shame. And such textbook educated lives, stripped of conscience, become code black, which cannot recognise amber alert.

The greatest crimes—political to medical and educational to financial—committed in the history of the world are made possible not because of one evil, instead, because of complicity. Besides, developing countries promote the criminal nexus of police officials, bureaucrats, real estate developers, lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants, business people, actors and criminals across boards ensuring ethics, integrity and humanity remain a distant dream. And since, “because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies [Elie Wiesel]”, the educated-corrupt-dead cannot support life.  There is no dearth of brilliance in India; but people must liberate themselves from the restraints of image, victim shaming, biases and prejudices, as well as oust choking nepotism, corrupt red-tapism, dehumanising caste system, cowardice clout, cancerous celebrity obsession and revolting VIP culture.

I am not glossing over America’s evident—“born-to-rule” arrogance, racism, gross economic inequalities, police brutalities, injustice, illiteracy, sexualised representation of black women, consumerism and voluntary white slavery—to copious greed. Instead, I am focusing on America’s positives. I believe a man’s invaluable innate core is harvested in an atmosphere that values high standards and facilitates the collaboration of education, expansive independent thinking and resources with the purpose to serve broader humanity. I also believe, to create a meaningful future, we must rid of antiquated (insecure) domination by masculine aggression (I know my share of women who fall into this unsavoury category.) and make ample room for feminine sensitivity.