salude per aqua

healing waters of Cinque Terre


March 31st, 2018


I found it challenging to navigate through the breathtaking, but slippery and unending trails of Cinque Terre [seaside villages in the Italian Riviera]. However, once I surrendered to the gleaming mountains and bold forms of water, I was under a spell. Fringed by the steep, jagged mountains on one side and thrashing, untamed waters on the other, I feasted on aqua—sprays of azure to lapping limpid teal.

The fetchingly dishevelled landscape of the Italian Riviera encourages you to inhale the Mediterranean smells—an indescribable concoction of sea spray, olives and blossoms—to relish and restore.



The sensual experiences continued as I weaved through the modest-looking villages of Cinque Terre. Perched on terraced hills, dotted with buildings in fuchsia, citrus and persimmon; sprinkled with fragrant orange orchards and garlanded with emerald crashing waves, these vibrant villages along with their engaging inhabitants (cats too) and the endlessly tossing luminous waters create an unexplainable serenity that nourishes and heals the soul.

It didn’t come as a surprise to later learn that S.P.A means healing through water—Salude Per Aqua.