For your reading



October 1st, 2021


For the entitled, vile and unscrupulous:


Don’t estimate with your substandard.

Don’t negotiate integrity.

Don’t get into the arena with moral courage.

Don’t venture into the zone “none of your business.”

Don’t mislead with your apathy, ignorance and avarice.

Don’t insist on overstepping personal and professional boundaries.

Don’t exploit your professional chair/position.

Don’t overlook the eventual consequences of greed and humbuggery.

Don’t impose your insignificance (name-dropping and gossip included).

Don’t overlook the results (well-earned public shame) of attacking dignity.

Don’t ask/say what you won’t dare put down in print, assuming it won’t make it to print.

Don’t worm—ask indirect questions, cross-question and prod for explanations.

Don’t behave in a manner you will be ashamed to watch on replay.

Don’t assume anonymity, silence and preferential treatment.

Don’t put one on the spot.

Don’t mistake forgiveness for forgetting.

Don’t attempt buying compliance of silence.

Don’t demand infantile behaviour—to appease your lack of masculinity—from mature and secure.

Don’t expect docility, dumbed-down and doormat from high-standard, worldly and wholehearted.

Don’t heap unsolicited advice fit only for your substandard-safe-stagnant self.

Don’t scapegoat and destroy life to support your dysfunction, dependency and denial.

Don’t negate loss, grief and agony.

Don’t feign concern, especially when you are the embodiment of toxicity and apathy.

Don’t foist your apology of an existence—string “if’s and but’s” to an apology.

Don’t try to figure out complex; instead, urgently question your impotence, low-culture and corrupt corpse-like existence.

Don’t conveniently misinterpret civility, kindness and honesty for weakness and stupidity. And don’t confuse momentary tolerance for gullibility. It will serve well to acquaint yourselves through a quote attributed to American gangster and businessman Al Capone: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

Don’t go by looks—the finest diamonds sparkle; diamonds also cut steel.