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January 1st, 2021



I believe in the words I came across: “Say what you mean and mean what you say because those who mind do not matter and those who matter won’t mind.”

An attractive, well educated, nutritiously fed, securely married, financially well off, residence(s) owning, healthy white woman* will never know what it is to walk in the shoes of a weathered, illiterate, destitute, sick, starving, homeless and abused Black woman. And neither will this white woman care to learn how society views and treats her Black sister or attempt to understand her trauma and feelings. When you have experienced life and dare to see lives through your heart’s eye, you don’t evade, minimise or forget—essentials to win approval and acceptance into a spineless-selfish-shallow society; instead, you exercise your worth and honour your journey; you stand taller and speak clearer.

* This (white) privilege manifests in people of colour too, affording them ignorance, apathy and cowardice (and cruelty).



My fame is my fate. As a high thinking individual, I believe in celebrating fine human qualities, not celebrity, and my high standards ensure not to subscribe to an image or, for that matter, to entitlement. Besides, I don’t entertain people who treat me like a commodity. I am quick to reject the intellectually indolent (immediately insisting on film talk) who expect me to be flattered by their unevolved stagnancy. Unless you introspect and arrive at an understanding of a larger perspective, you fail to understand the essence of individuals who have grown immensely and continue to evolve relentlessly.

People who willfully affix to the “arrested development tribe”—practising fan-dumb—rot in envy and misery (and get spiritually and financially poorer by the day). A resigned life with the consolation of escaping into a fake world and feeling any sense of self only by attaching to make-believe images is a miserable existence. Such self-rejecting and self-hating mindsets are hurt souls that cannot consume nutritiously, think independently and grow continuously. And this impoverished-spiteful-regressive mindset definitely cannot differentiate the persona from the person.

When you fail to evolve over the decades, it’s on you. When you fail to uplevel your life, it’s on you. When you fail to flourish as an individual, it’s on you.



I can’t speak for others—those in the public eye or the general public—who are into selfies; they must have their reasons. Similarly, I expect others to respect the fact that selfies and unwarranted photography are misaligned with my values and not in harmony with my aesthetic life. I believe individuals have the right to conduct their lives privately and with dignity.



I am a private person and my website gives an accurate-adequate insight into the individual. Despite the below-mentioned, I keep an open mind to consider conversations that align with my values.

It’s been over twenty five years since I have given an interview. My answers didn’t feature in the end product; instead, they were fabricated versions by contemptible people who had to survive by destroying an upward career. Equally important, as a young adult, I experienced the large-scale damage caused by media smear campaigns—sponsored by an impotent misogynist and his bootlickers*. Furthermore, in a specific case, I was the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated by a once mistress of a superstar who is now an insecure second wife of another ageing sexual predator superstar in a participatory open marriage (the biggest open secret in South India)—a punishment for standing in my authority and rejecting their sum total. Tellingly, the stepped apple—playing the field over the years—didn’t Autumn-fall far from the depraved heirloom tree! 

I believe it’s healthy to abstain from caustic platforms that cater to the lowest denominator audience, both illiterate-ignorant and literate-illiterates who feel worthy of and thus are addicted to trash.

* It has been brought to my attention that this moral failure continues to pay his flunkeys and fans to sully me in the media and social media and have them manipulate my Wikipedia Page with morphed content and delete my website’s URL.



It’s easy to be besieged by escapism and consequently suffer from short term attention. Besides, the essence of living a quiet-sustainable life also encompasses a life minus hostile noises and electronic garbage. Apart from my private Instagram—used solely for inspiration (and not to amass followers)—I am not on any social media account. I want world leaders to make Identity proof mandatory for creating any networking account. Anonymous parasites don’t merit acknowledgement.



A culturised eco-system—practised by men (and their co-dependent shadow women) paralysed by courage—expects women to downplay their substance, become cogs in rusty wheels. I refused to sign the memo, choosing to represent my authority. I can’t fault people for not liking me—high-standard, complex women—of integrity, authenticity, wisdom and courage are always an acquired taste.



Life goes by in a snap; consider dwelling over a quote attributed to Greek philosopher Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Updated: October 1st, 2021