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January 1st, 2021


Much like natures creatures, each natural beauty in your garden, with their untamed silhouettes and accessible qualities will afford you the best education. The solitary blooming flower in the midst of flowering clusters will instruct you to hold your own in a crowd. At other times, a punch of pinkish purple buds will force you to shift your eyes and learn of their colour, fuchsia, named after German botanist, Leonhart Fuchs. And spring explorations will lead you to intriguing verdigris agaric mushrooms piquing your curiosity to learn about the formation of verdigris patina. In this manner, your earliest education will come from embracing the natural fluidity of nature, which is made possible by calibrating your childhood foundation to receive buds of education.

And as you quench your thirst for knowledge, you will continue to think and link. On days when you stroll through your garden to a lively symphony of tricking water, crunching pebbles, ribbiting frogs and whispering woods, you will come to discover that though nature and magical creatures appear independent, they are emphatically interdependent, similar to our qualities that form the warp and weft of our foundation.  With each realisation, the reciprocity between you and the garden will become apparent—the tender seeds you once gently tended have now taken on the form of an intimate network of valuable qualities that willingly parent.