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The Conservatory Gardeners


October 1st, 2021


I am delighted to see how well you maintain the greenhouse; from presentation to cleanliness, it’s beautiful

Thank you, Mam. We have a supervisor who instructs us on what to do. There is constant maintenance, and we feel pride in taking care of plants and our surroundings.


What do you appreciate about your work?

I like caring for plants. The blossoming flowers are beautiful. And when someone comes in and appreciates our work, we feel happy to learn that we are doing a good job.


I recognise the geraniums and chrysanthemums…what are those red flowers by the window?

Those are red salvia.


[Pointing in the direction of fuchsias] And those pink and white flowers—

Those are dianthus. We have cineraria saplings too.


What makes you group and arrange pots in a visually pleasing manner?

We arrange and hang pots just by estimating, and by looking and feeling; we know what presents well.


Following your eye tells me you have been gardeners for a while?

You are correct; I have been working as a gardener at this property for six years.