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I believe only flourishing individuals—with mental capacity, emotional richness and childlike spirit—command the dialogue they have with themselves, thus guide healthy conversations and actions within their milieu and invest in the world’s well-being. On the contrary, self-rejecting anonymous predators scavenge, steal and vandalise, rendering them thought, effort and growth averse, incapable of aiding worthy journeys.

In keeping with reality, the best way forward is to connect with my tribe of like-minded individuals, building an intimate community. Therefore, hereafter, my platform will be accessible via subscription. Aligned values, reciprocity and security are essential to remaining nourished and passionate. I value open-minded, courageous and curious individuals who are risk-takers, nurturers, survivors, creators, investors, collaborators, restorers, builders and problem-solvers—it’s you who invigorate your lives with quality and, in the process of evolving, affect the circles of life you touch. If you belong to this self-embracing, well-read, quietly altruistic and well-intending tribe of doers, who are confident of claiming your identity, I welcome you to TheAscendingAcorn.com.

I thank my earliest supporters with all of my heart. As you cheered my vulnerability and audacity over the years and encouraged my investment into humanity, you expressed your desire to join me. You enquire how you can support me in my endeavours. If you believe my platform, with authentic, thought-provoking and transformative content, minus annoying distractions—pop-ups, banner ads and click baits—appeals to your sensibilities, I welcome your expression of appreciation.

The yearly subscription is offered in two tiers—Preferred and Premium. Reminder: Subscriptions are considered non-refundable. Before you complete the subscription process, be sure to read the Site Terms to understand what you are purchasing. Please also familiarise yourself with the Refer Friends Program.

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