"The essence of your life journey must give visibility to evoke strength in the less privileged,
and the architectural integrity of your foundation should translate into a nutritious foundation
for a multitude of vulnerable seedlings."


Healing waters

“Sensitivity and intellect might appear incongruous,
but the fact is the former is the soil that gives birth to the latter.”


“Unfettered tenderness blossoms from the foundation of strength—
a fragile foundation cannot support tenderness.”


“A life of service is like the journey of a bud—
it has to incrementally move towards blossoming.”



Much like natures creatures, each natural beauty in your garden, with their untamed silhouettes and accessible qualities will afford you the best education. The solitary blooming flower in the midst of flowering clusters will instruct you to hold your own in a crowd. At other times, a punch of pinkish purple buds will force you to shift your eyes and learn of their colour, fuchsia, named after German botanist, Leonhart Fuchs. And spring explorations will lead you to intriguing verdigris agaric mushrooms piquing your curiosity to learn about the formation of verdigris patina. In this manner, your earliest education will come from embracing the natural fluidity of nature, which is made possible by calibrating your childhood foundation to receive buds of education.


"When you unfailingly turn the sails of your life toward your moral purpose,
you will discover the oceanic power of principles and values."


“Abundance is not about monetary wealth;
it’s about quality and magnanimity.”


“Life picks individuals with strength and capacity,
and the synchronicity of the universe knows how and when to move things,
steering the trajectory of simple dreams to pathways of one’s destiny.”


Soul nourishing

Having opinion leaders influence others into maturity is essential.
Similar to what you are doing—interviewing people
who think and do things differently.

Sonam Wangchuk

Fearless individuals like you,
who live life on their terms, are what we want.
And courage and honesty are what people can't bear.

Santwana Manju

Our brains work on narratives, not statistics.
That is what is important about what you are doing—
you are telling stories—and that is the way we empathize.

Gloria Steinem

My Knowing

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